Michael Bruce Group

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, legendary guitarist, singer and songwriter of the original Alice Cooper Group.

Michael Bruce as a member of the original Alice Cooper Group wrote the hits that rocked a generation, selling millions of albums and singles.

“School's Out”, one of the most notable and iconic songs, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2015.

Ringing bells around the world “School's Out”, “No More Mr Nice Guy” and “Eighteen” have become anthems that bring the generations together and rock the world!

Michael, together with his new band the Michael Bruce Group, is ready to do it all again and give fans the powerful, authoritative show they can only expect from Michael Bruce!

'Born Screamer' Lyric Video.

Check out the new Michael Bruce Group song 'Born Screamer' from the upcoming new album.

Preview from the forthcoming Michael Bruce Group album.

Listen to a preview of the new Michael Bruce Group album in our video sampler.

Tracks include; "Born Screamer", "Famous Face" and "Riding A Hurricane"


Introducing the Michael Bruce Group

Michael Bruce - Guitar & Vocal | Lynnette Bruce - Bass | Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards | Steve Potts - Guitar | Matt Indes - Drums

Michael Bruce re-COOPER-ated